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New photographic guide on The North Downs Way inspires people to walk!

Countryside lover Belinda Knox is calling on us all to put our best foot forward.
“As a legacy from the Olympics,” she says “now is the time to get out and enjoy the nature so close to our doorsteps.”
Belinda has launched the Best Foot Forward Campaign to coincide with the publication of her beautiful new book, The North Downs Way.  The author and photographer from Kent - who now lives in Surrey - wants more people to take advantage of the countryside and in particular the North Downs.  She says, "In the heart of commuter country, this large expanse of woodland and space is such a resource for us all  - a good walk can lift our mood, inspire us and offer us some healthy exercise."
“So many of us experience peace of mind, physical well-being and a positive mental attitude from walking.  Not only does it set thoughts working in a rhythmical way, but it also releases endorphins so people feel chirpy and energised.  A down a day keeps us very much ‘in play’ ”

If you would like a signed copy, dedicated to yourself or to a friend, please contact Simon Spinks on with full details.   
The North Downs Way costs £19.99 plus £3.50 UK postage.   Please pay for the copy by pay pal and it will then be sent to you by return of post. 


If, alternatively, you would like to send a cheque, please send this to 3 Hart Gardens, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1JT.  

Special promotion from October 20th until November 29th : You can buy both the North Downs Way and its sister book the South Downs Way for just £29.99.  ( A reduction of 25%)   
Also, do join our facebook site, 'Hiking in the UK'.  so that we can give you all the latest details on signings, creative walks and other activities.
Belinda's recent signing at Eastwell Manor ended up in a larger than life game of chess in the grounds. One of those games that could go on for ever!




For more details please contact Simon Spinks on

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