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Walking wonders

Walking wonders

 I have been walking this walk for years now and getting to know it more and more.  Belts of green giving us such space for contemplation and to enjoy.    It is the stuff of fairytales and inspiration – J.M.Barrie wrote Peter Pan whilst living close by and George Meredith penned his poem The Lark Ascending from which his near neighbour Vaughan Williams was inspired to compose The Lark Ascending.   And Zandra Rhodes with all her brightly designed clothes was born close by too.  You may well know the area and the fact that it goes through Areas of Outstanding natural beauty  - although it is in commuter belt, your constant companions are most likely to be trees and open fields.

Walking through mud I hear you say?   Yes, there is mud even at the top of the hills now so take good boots and sticks.   Still a great day out.    Walk from a castle to a church or from a church to a sit of special scientific interest – there are so many historic spots along the way.     History while we walk.”

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