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The North Downs Way features over 200 stunning colour pictures of the historic trail which runs through busy Surrey and Kent.
Belinda describes it as, “A ribbon of beautiful countryside running through one of the most populated parts of the nation - so easy to get to and so full of potential adventures. The route is in many parts a hidden gem. Running from the busy A31 in Farnham it quickly disappears into quiet pathways and continues in this manner for many many miles. 
The book also features a foreword by world famous mountaineer Stephen Venables who grew up on the North Downs Way before going on to become the first Briton to scale Everest without using supplementary oxygen. "
Says Belinda, "You will get plenty of fresh air walking on the Downs and towards Dover, sea air and views of France. If you are thinking of going away for a couple of days, it is a weekend away made easy - organise two days walking and enjoy the comfort of a local B&B at the end of the days.  The North Downs Way has a lot to offer.   She says: “It is surprising how often just by taking waterproofs you can stave off the rain - but if you don't take them, you will get soaked!"   The paradox of the UK perhaps.
The route runs along parts of the ancient Pilgrims route from Farnham in the West to Dover in the East. At Boughton Lees, the path divides and the northern route passes through Canterbury whilst the southern trail visits Wye on the way to Dover.
Belinda is organising ‘North Downs days out’ at different locations along the trail for walkers and not-yet walkers alike offering uplifting strolls in nature to inspire creativity.
There have been several Box Hill Boogies in recent weeks and pictures of these can be found on the Hiking on the UK Page.  Let her know where you would like to walk on the North Downs Way and she will plan a walk around that area.

For more details please contact Simon Spinks on simon.spinksspinko@hotmail.co.uk

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