"people who are kneaded by people are the luckiest people in the world"

Networking Coaching


Networking is of vital importance in today's working culture and people with flourishing and diverse networks often find success comes easier. The ability to build and maintain your networks is of particular importance when undergoing change.


Belinda has honed her networking skills both while working in PR and more recently when building an alumini community for Charterhouse, one of England's premier schools.


At Charterhouse Belinda ran a team to ensure that all 9,000 alumni were involved and kept up to date with the school's activities. She developed the alumni group to become a global entity with representatives on every continent.


She expanded the email database by 300%, oversaw all communications and organised Old Carthusian Day - a major annual event attended by 600 people and involving 20 simultaneous events in an 8 hour period.


Belinda is available to to provide consultations and advice on how to network, both on a personal and company level.




Networking in Action: Old Carthusian Day Tea, 2015, organised and managed by Belinda.

Classic Car Rally: Old Carthusian Day 2015.